How to use coupon

At CouponQuickly, we know that coupon code have become an important element for online shopper to save money every time before the check-out button is hit. That’s why it’s our ultimate goal at CouponQuickly to make coupon hunting an easy experience for our communities. We vigorously screen through and verified every voucher code before publish it on our website.

CouponQuickly publishes every promo code in accordance with merchant guidelines and the terms adhered to the coupons. To help ensure an efficient checkout experience for all site visitors, please go through this guide to locate the exact location to enter the coupon code at checkout pages for the most popular merchant.

How To Enter Foodpanda Voucher Code?

Step 1: Enter the code at the checkout page, as indicated below by green arrow.

Step 2 : After that hit “Submit” button to get the final discount price.

foodpanda voucher code


How To Enter Zalora Promo Code?

Step 1: Select your payment method , preferably CREDIT / DEBIT CARD , Paypal, or eNETS.

Step 2 : Click on “Have a gift card or promo code? Enter it here”

Enter Zalora Coupon code

Step 3 : Enter Zalora Promo Code in the field as indicated by blue arrow below.

Step 4 : After that hit “Apply” button to get the final discount price.

enter zalora voucher code


How To Enter Redmart Coupon Code?

Step 1 : Enter your groceries delivery address.

Step 2 : Enter delivery date and time slot.

Step 3 : At the 3rd checkout page, “SELECT PAYMENT”, enter Redmart Coupon code in the field as indicated with red arrow below.

Enter Redmart Coupon Code



How To Enter Lazada Voucher Code?

Step 1: At the Lazada’s PAYMENT page, select your payment options.

Step 2: On the right hand side panel, look out for “DO YOU HAVE A VOUCHER? APPLY”

enter lazada voucher

Step 3 : Click on “APPLY” button and enter Lazada Voucher code in the field as indicated by orange arrow.

enter lazada voucher code


How To Enter Luxola Promo Code?

Step 1 : At the Luxola Checkout page, look out for “PROMO CODE” (right-hand side panel)

Step 2: Click on “ENTER HERE” button and key in the Luxola Promo Code in the field indicated by the pink arrow below.

enter luxola promo code


How To Enter Expedia Voucher Code?

Step 1: After your hotel selection, click on “PAY NOW” button at the pop-up window.

enter expedia voucher code

Step 2: At the next Expedia’s checkout page, scroll down to “HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO PAY?” section.

Step 3: Click on “ENTER A VOUCHER CODE” text and key in the Expedia’a Voucher Code in the area indicated by green arrow below.

enter expedia voucher code here