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Foodpanda Singapore

No matter what you want to eat, when you want to eat it, you can call on FoodPanda to deliver – literally. FoodPanda will deliver a meal to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their customer service department is even open long hours – 11am to 11pm daily. You don’t have to call each restaurant you are thinking about ordering from individually either. Just one visit to the FoodPanda website and your meal is on the way. The prices are reasonable, and the choices are diverse.

FoodPanda started in March of 2012 in Singapore. It has since grown to cover 40 countries and four continents all around the world. It now partners with over 35,000 restaurants through the ease of use of the mobile app or the website. The website also makes it easy to save your orders so it’s easy to get your favorite meals any time. The site also allows you to enter more than one address so whether you are at home or at work, you can just log in once.

Foodpanda SG Restaurant’s Review

You can also read reviews about restaurants that have been written by users of FoodPanda so you’ll know what to expect if you are trying something new. The reviews can be searched and read separately, or you can read them while you are on a particular restaurant’s listing.

Cuisines to choose from

You can order all kinds of cuisines, from African to Chinese, French to Filipino, and all the desserts and dinners in between, even American barbeque. Full meals, beverages, sandwiches, and soups can all be delivered throughout Singapore and the nearby communities – just enter your postal code to get started. Vegetarian/vegan options are also available as is Halal cuisine. All the food options you can find in a diverse city like Singapore are now at your fingertips.

Craving fast food? Pizza, burgers, pastas, sushi, and even steaks are just a click away. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner – it’s all an option. Regardless of whether you want to have a meal sent to your home or your office, it can be done – just let FoodPanda know.

The restaurants are all prescreened by FoodPanda so they can guarantee that the delivery will be fast and fresh. It’s easy to sort by deals, or diet types, too, and choose from over 200 restaurants.

Download Foodpanda Apps

The FoodPanda app is available on your phone for easy mobile ordering. Download the app from the Google Play store, the Apple App store, or the Microsoft Windows Phone store. No matter where you are, you can order a hot meal to be delivered right to you, or select take out if you are still on the road. The app was introduced in 2013, making it easier for you to sort restaurants by where you are currently.

Financial Strength

FoodPanda is financed by Rocket Internet, a funding group that specializes in e-commerce sites. They’ve also raised money from several other venture capital firms to better fund their expansions. Recently, FoodPanda acquired seven smaller companies across Asia to add to its portfolio of locations.

Their main competition comes from a company called Zomato, a private company in New Delhi, India, that started in July of 2008. Zomato is now in 22 countries worldwide, but where it differs from FoodPanda is that it doesn’t provide any deliveries. It does, however, allow users to learn about new restaurants and find out delivery options, as well as what’s going on with night clubs and small cafés.

Find the best deal from Restaurant Ordering

Does the mere thought of trying to get home after a long day and cooking dinner wear you out? FoodPanda makes it easy for you. Just be aware that each restaurant sets its own prices as well as delivery fees. You’ll know ahead of time what you’ll be paying, though, so you shouldn’t encounter any surprises.

Sometimes, you might be able to score a deal on free delivery from FoodPanda by getting a promo code sent to you or if it’s your first order, you may be able to get a new customer discount.

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Deals change every week, so be sure to check often. Or, just sign up for Coupon Quickly and get a coupon code.
Whether you pay for it on your Maybank card or by PayPal, or even COD, your meals are still a great deal. But if you are willing to use your cards, you can save even more. Love deals? Get push notifications on your phone courtesy of the FoodPanda app that can include vouchers for special deals or discounts at certain restaurants – handy if you are on a budget and craving a meal.

Maybank and ANZ bank deal

What kinds of deals can you get? Pay with your Maybank or ANZ card and enter a code to save 10% off your total order, no matter what restaurant you pick. (New customers might be able to save even more.) Many of the deals do require that you use your credit card and complete payment online. Some coupons even allow you to make a charitable contribution when you enter the promo code.

$15 for food worth $30

Groupon Singapore also has some great 50% off vouchers, too, where you can get $30 worth of food for just $15. You might also score bonus offers like a free meal with purchase of a meal, a free beverage with your order, or even a free move to enjoy after you dine.

Other deals include specials from specific restaurants that update several times a week. They may or may not require you to use a certain credit card to maximize the savings. No matter what you choose, it’s easy to save money simply by entering the coupon code at checkout.

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Coupon Quickly, just like the name says, will be able to save you money on your next FoodPanda order quickly and easily.

So the next time you are craving a good deal for a meal delivered right to your door, head over to FoodPanda and check out their offerings. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or maybe even dessert – it’s your choice! Plus, with the easy way you can save using couponquickly.com.sg, you’ll even enjoy a little change in your pocket.