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Room Service

Have you had a long day at work? Do you need to prepare dinner but you are just too exhausted to prepare the meal now? Never fear – Room Service is here! You can order all kinds of food from a huge assortment of restaurants and have them delivered right to your door.

You can even order your meals before you leave your work for the day and have a hot meal arrive just after you get home. They do have a minimum order of $25, but that’s easy to meet if you’re feeding your whole family.
It helps you at work, too, if you need to have a meeting catered. Just load the app on your Android or Apple phone and click to order. You can browse menus or just pick your favorite and go from there. Don’t have phone access at work? There’s a number you can call, too, from 11am to 11pm. Folks can’t decide? It’s easy to order any type of meal at any time, so vegans and meat-lovers alike can have their favorite food fast.

Sound like a good deal? It is! You can dine on a different cuisine every day of the week. Choose pizza for Monday, followed by Mexican food on Tuesday, and finish the week with Halal on Friday. You can even get breakfast delivered – perfect for those lazy weekends. Your meals are delivered quickly, any day of the week.

The company started in 2003 and has grown to be one of the biggest restaurant meal delivery service in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Their parent company is Food Runner. They really believe in customer service – if your delivery takes more than an hour to arrive, you get your delivery fee waived.

It’s easy to shop your way at the site. You can either browse the app or their website, where all you have to do is put in your postal code, search for your favorite restaurant or type of food, and finish the checkout process – it’s just that easy! You can even pay for your meal with cash on delivery, something not always that common any more. Then, relax and give the delivery team about 45 minutes to bring you your dinner.

Looking for some good deals to take advantage of the Room Service convenience? You’ve come to the right place! One of the ways to save is to use your credit card and take advantage of the partnerships the credit card company forms. For instance, Standard Chartered customers can save 10% off their order when they use their credit card to pay for their Room Service order.

But, it can also really pay to look for great deals from places like Coupon Quickly. Vouchers that can give you free delivery are available from time to time, as are things like pizzas on sale for just $7 at California Pizza. You might be able to get deals like a percent off your meal when you spend $25 or more, so why not order some extras for lunches the rest of the week?

Special holidays mean special deals, too. Treat your honey on Valentine’s Day or celebrate Chinese New Year with a meal delivered to you so you can spend more time with your family. Check back every week to see what you can save at couponquickly.com.sg.